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Hope you guys understand my level of commitment to the weight loss community when I post this before pic, I didnt even know I had them anymore so it was quite weird seeing my old body like that. The first pic was 3 years ago, 4 months before I decided to change my lifestyle and lose the weight and the second pic is me now. 

I know that my after body ain’t perfect but its getting better and I love it would do it all again to get to the point where I am today. I’m nervous about posting this but if one person likes it and one person gets motivated or inspired I’m more than happy to share this personal picture.

I’m 5’2”. :)

you look great! 

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shining auras, saluting the sun 

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this is not mine i just saw it on the color run website and really liked it

This also gives me feels

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I am calm, balanced, and connected. 💕 #mantras #yoga

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