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I started running again tonight!!! Don’t be fooled by the pace on the first shot- that was while I stood still and took a screen shot. My pace is just a little over 16 min/mile, which is lousy for me, but not unexpected considering I haven’t run since my race back in November (holy shit)
And let me tell you, nothing will get you running faster than hearing, “WARNING, ZOMBIES APPROACHING” as soon as the opening theme to Attack On Titan begins.


One thing I love about my dad: The way he always talk to me <3.

I have those same leggings and I love them!!! I used them for yoga for the first time today and was so happy they were crazy comfy :’3

Dash is dead. Reblog if you’re a fitblr so I can check your blog out!

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Freshman in college VS. Junior in college

Height: 5’7

I pretty much just live a normal college life. I go to class, work two jobs, go out with my friends, drink too much, spend too much time on themed outfits for parties, and I enjoy binge-watching romantic comedies with wine and dessert with my roommates. I also just really like running marathons and the gym and being a vegetarian and eating organic healthy food. That’s what helped me lose the freshmanfuckingfifteen (and then some).

I run a health and fitness blog. Here it is.

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Dash is dead. Reblog if you’re a fitblr so I can check your blog out!

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note to self: your life will not begin when you lose weight and it will not end if you gain weight. 

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